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Twenty-one years after the publication of Jacques Benveniste’s paper in Nature ( ) two papers definitely reopened the issue that had triggered a painful conflict within the International Scientific Community.

Luc Montagnier and collaborators publish recent developments in biology of Benveniste’s pioneering works .

The theoretical physicists Allan Widom and Yogi Srivastava, with M.D. Vincenzo Valenzi have revisited the biophysical basis of Benveniste’s experiments.

Allan Widom, Yogi Srivastava, Vincenzo Valenzi: The Biophysical Basis of water Memory
International Journal of quantum Chemistry (Wiley and Sons), Published on line
May 19, 2009 [DOI: 22140]

Two important papers, which emphasize that a new scientific epoch, which, to say the least, has already begun long ago in Eastern Europe, as pointed out by the second BENVENISTE AWARD, which will be assigned to the best results presented to the VIII Conference international COSMOS AND BIOSPHERE .

It is food for thoughts, in the scientific world in particular, which must regain the pioneering spirit and openness, typical of Science, which qualities are the only one which can evolve our society towards higher levels of Public Health, well-being and wealth. 
Seizing the opportunity, I would like to ask all those interested in contributing to these developments to give their contribution to the Jacques Benveniste Association, which sponsors the BENVENISTE AWARD and research in this domain.  

Sincerely yours,

Vincenzo Valenzi

PS: The deadline to register for the Conference COSMOS AND BIOSPHERE 2009 is August 15th…  A week, from September 28th to October 3rd, in the Crimea where the Genoese arrived with their ships and built beautiful fortresses still largely intact.